• 27 documentary films from 14 countries will contest at the Resistance Festival

27 documentary films from 14 countries will contest at the Resistance Festival

Resistance Cinema: the officially selected documentaries to be screened at the Documentary Films Section of the Resistance International Film Festival were announced.

Public Relations Department of the Resistance International Film Festival continued: 27 documentaries will contest from 14 countries of Palestine, Iraq, Canada, USA, South Korea, France, Ireland, England, Italy, Australia, Denmark, Lebanon, Kenya and Venezuela in the International documentary films section.

According to this news, the jury members of this section, including Shafi’e Aghamohammadian, Mahdi Homayounfar and Mohammad Tayyeb, qualified 27 films among the submitted documentaries from different countries to the secretariat of the Resistance Festival, as follows:

1. " The Masjid" directed by Matthew Hayes (Canada)

2. " Dyab" directed by Mazin Sherabayani (Iraqi Kurdistan)

3. "My Identity" directed by Yasmin Mistry (USA)

4. " Two Blue Lines" directed by Tom Hayes (USA)

5. "The War Around Us" directed by Abdallah Omeish (USA)

6. "I’ll Be Home" directed by Sang-Rok Lee, Heejin Kang, Sanghee Yoon, Byungjae Song (South Korea)

7. "Hope in the Bottle," directed by Haicha Ladrouz (France)

8. "Don’t go to Iran!" directed by Benjamin Martinie (France)

9. "Sumud (Everyday Resistance)" directed by Emmet Sheerin- Bryan Gerard Duffy (Ireland)

10. "Epicly Palestine'd The Birth of Skateboarding in the West Bank" directed by Philip Joe- Theo Krish (UK)

11. " ISIS: Sex Slaves" directed by Amir Taki (UK)

12. "Saudi - A Regime Declining" directed by Murtaza Jaffar (UK)

13. "Wahhabism: The School of Ibn Taymiyyah - The Root of Terrorism" directed by Mustafa Masood (UK)

14. "Empty Desert" directed by Silvia Boarini- Linda Paganelli (Italy)

15. "Shireen of al-Walaja" directed by Daz Chandler (Australia)

16. "Dan Bau Lullaby" directed by Jakeb Anhvu- Clint Slater- Kim Nguyen (Australia)

17. "I Am Still Alive" directed by Camille Bildsoe (Denmark)

18. "Wandering Dreams" directed by Shadi Zeidan (Lebanon)

19. "Under the Ashes," directed by Ahmed Maamiry (Kenya)

20. "Mi Amigo, Hugo" directed by Oliver Stone (Venezuela)

21. "Where to Invade Next?" directed by Michael Moore (USA)

22. "Flying Paper" directed by Nitin Sawhney-Roger Hill (Palestine)

23. "The Black Friday (Aljmh Buckwheat)" directed by Jozef Nateel (Palestine)

24. "To My Mother" directed by Ahmad Al-Bazz - Yaser Jodallah (Palestine)

25. "Shujayya" directed by Mohammed Almughanni (Palestine)

26. "Coffee For All Nations" directed by Wafa' Jamil (Palestine)

27. "Letters from Al Yarmouk" directed by Rashid MASHARAWI (Palestine)

It is noteworthy that the 14th Resistance International Film Festival is to be held with the "Manifestation of Islamic Revolution Discourse" slogan, in cooperation with the Narrative Cultural Foundation and the Association of Revolution and Sacred Defense Cinema On September 23rd-30th, 2016, in Tehran.