Importance of International Resistance Film Festival in the Social Orientation of Modern Society

Resistance means an attempt to struggle against an invasion of a hostile force or enemy. Such resistance holds within its folds a defensive meaning and concept, however, sometimes this word in a strategic context or according to strategy dictionaries can be defined as the best form of attack.  [...]

Resistance Film Festival Censures Inhumane Ahvaz Crime

The International Film Festival’s public relations department, following the inhumane action of Daesh or ISIS, supported by the world supremacists and puppet regimes in the region issued a statement in which it condemned the barbaric and inhumane actions perpetrated by the terrorist groups and pay [...]

Executive Council Director, Members of the 15th International Resistance Film Festival Introduced

Public relations manager of the International Resistance Film Festival announced that the Executive Council Director and members of the festival have been introduced, adding that “In this context, Mr. Mohsen Barmahani has been assigned as the director of the international festival, and that Mr. Eh [...]

Kerman Will Host The 12th Resistance International Film Festival

According to the Public Relations Department of the festival, Mohammad Khazaei, the secretary of the festival, and Esmaeil Najar, the Governor of Kerman province have officially signed the agreement of holding this important local, national and international event in Kerman.Esmaeil Najar, the gove [...]

The Price of Resistance is Being Convicted: American Media Have Distorted The Picture of Iranian Resistance

According to the fourteenth Resistance International Film Festival reports, the meeting for analyzing the cultural discourse of the Islamic Revolution and strategic perspective was held on Tuesday Sep 27th with a speech by David Barsamyan an American expert political analyst and Nader Taleb Zadeh [...]

Resistance Iranian film festival reviews the Western imagery of Iran

According to Resistance Iranian Film Festival Public Relations reports, a meeting for reviewing and analyzing the movie Rosewater about the 2009 post election riots was held on Monay Sep 26th in pardis Mellat Hall #3. Professor and researcher Dr. Shahab Esfandiari, started wiuth explaining the att [...]

David Barsamyan lectures, Dehnamaki workshops and Fahim's analysis on the series Madam Secretary

According to Resistance International Film Festival Public Relations reports in addition to showing films, the Resistance Film Festival will also hold three programs of strategic lectures, experience transfer workshops and Islamophobia (film screening and analysis) in Pardis hall #3. On the fourt [...]

Iranian Cinema should move towards Strategic Cinema

As reported by the Resistance International Film Festival Public Relations, Dr. Hassan Abbasion in the third meeting of the first day of the Resistance International Film Festival studied the American symbols and characters in the series Home Land. At the beginning of the meeting a summary of th [...]

Meeting the Festival Director

As reported by the International Resistance Film Festival Public Relations, in the meeting various issues were addressed including the possibility of holding resistance film weeks in the Muslim country of Senegal, and Dr. Alhaj Musa Fal the first deputy ambassador welcomed this cultural programs i [...]