Reflection of the RIFF in a Number of Western and Asian Media and News Agencies

Resistance International Film festival has been reflected in some Western and Asian media and new agencies. The 14th Resistance International Film festival has been reflected by the Trans Asia News Service, an Indian-based news service. Trans Asia News Service is an alternative source of critic [...]

Holding a Film Festival in Iran with the “Our World is Beautiful” Slogan

The 14th Resistance International Film Festival (RIFF) is being held in Iran on September 23-30, 2016, focusing on the most principal humanistic issues of the contemporary world and the vision of challenging topics, namely the International terrorism, hegemonic regime, brutal crimes of ISIS (Daesh [...]

More than 600 Films Submitted to 14th RIFF so far

RIFF public relations office stated that since 14th RIFF call for entries opened, more than 600 films have been submitted so far. Artists from 54 countries such as the US, England, France, Germany, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, South Korea, India, Turkey, Canada, Egypt, Spain, Iraq, Russia, and Ind [...]

Resistance Film Festival Features ‘Imad Moqniya Award’

  Aiming to expand the ‘Culture of Resistance’, it consists of three main themes: ‘International Competition’, ‘Imad Moqniyeh Award’ and the ‘Outlook of Iran’s Resistance Cinema in the World’.The 13th International Resistance Film Festival is scheduled to take place on Iran’s Sacred Defense [...]

RIFF must Face Hollywood, Oscar and Cannes Ideology of Darkness and Ignorance

In the name of God, The most Compassionate, the most merciful 13th Resistance International Film Festival(RIFF) is happening while the world is stunned by the glory and elegance of Muslims resistance in Gaza.This was the seventh miraculous victory of the barefooted and the oppressed against the [...]

Animated Films Compete in the 14th Resistance International Film Festival

14th RFF organizers have added a new section to the festival; Animated films with subjects relevent to RFF topics can compete in 2016 festival. Topics: Unity, humanity, and brotherhood: a window to a peaceful world Introducing and recognizing up-and-coming activists A world without terrori [...]

Abu Zeinab' the Best Movie of 13th IFFR


America’s False Claims against Iran should be Heard Worldwide

In his speech on the 2nd Conference of the New Horizon in Tehran, Gareth Porter, the American National Security Policy analyst stated that Mossad and CIA sparked a crisis in Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.

2nd Conference of the New Horizon Closing Ceremony in Tehran

  The Public Relations Department of the New Horizon Conference mentioned the 3 books of 'The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America', 'Manufactured Crisis' and 'Israel’s Lobby Power in Italy'.Nader Talebzadeh, Gholamreza Montazemi and Farhad Daryabandari thanked some of the conference guests [...]