Gaza will Host the 13th Riff

Gaza will host the 13th Resistance International Film Festival (RIFF).The Public Relations Department of the 13th RIFF announced that the Organizing Committee of the festival has decided to add Gaza to the hosts of the Resistance Festival with cooperation of Islamic Culture and Relations Organizat [...]

‘King of Sands’ will be screened at the 13th RIFF

‘King of Sands’ (Arabic name: ملك الرمال) is a movie directed by Najdat Anzour, a Syrian filmmaker that shows the rise of Ibn Saud from an obscure tribal leader in Kuwait to the undisputed ruler of the Arabian Peninsula after coalition with Wahabis .Marco Foschi and Fabio Testi, the Italian actors [...]

RIFF Greets Victory of People of Gaza

  The Public Relations Department of the 13th RIFF reported this news. The message begins with “Greetings to Resistance, greetings to Gaza and the 51 days of God’s support of this territory, greetings and gratitude to the resisting people in Gaza, greetings to 700 martyred children and 11000 i [...]

2nd Conference of New Horizon is to be Held

  “Our goal is to distribute the articles and ideas of top intellectuals and philosophers worldwide among Iranian Scholars and Artists. The ideology emergence of Criticizing the dominance of Zionist Lobby over USA and EU which is going to make some changes in the West has made it an essential [...]

Scriptwriting Virtual Workshops Commence Date was Announced

  The Public Relations Department of the 13th Resistance International Film Festival (RIFF) announced that those who have registered earlier are going to participate in a 2-week workshop of the virtual web-conference script-writing from September 1, 2014. The Field Visual Effects Virtual Works [...]

1000 Locations Nationwide will Host The 13th RIFF

  247 Institutes of Basiji Artists joined the team of host at the 13th RIFF and therefore, the number of screening locations of the festival passed 1000.The Public Relations Department of the 13th Resistance International Film Festival (RIFF) announced that as of today, the number of Institute [...]

Representative of The 12th RIFF on the Way to Iran’s Provinces

Six groups of representatives of the 12th RIFF are deployed to different provinces and cities of Iran to assess the hosting potentiality of the cities. The groups, each consisting of three representatives will visit Ardebil, Eastern Azerbaijan, Western Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Ilam, Khou [...]

Introduction of the Scriptwriting Jury Members of The RIFF ‘Source of Light’ section

The RIFF nominated the Jury for selecting the best artworks for the scriptwriting competition of Source of Light Section of the 13th Resistance International Film Festival (RIFF).The Jury members are: Mehdi Sajjadeh Chi, Ali Akbar Ghazi Nezam and Seyyed Farhad Hoseini.Ali Akbar Ghazi Nezam, born i [...]

Final List of Movies in Takfiri Section of the 13th RIFF Announced

The 9 movies are:'Um Qiath' directed by 'Majid Zolfeghari''Supporters of Nabl and Alzahra' directed by 'Taha Foroutan''Malekiyeh' directed by 'Mohammad Bagher Shahin''Crowded shadows of town' directed by 'Mohsen Souhani''Documentary of Khalid and Mojtaba' directed by 'Rohollah Rafiei'‘Yarmouk, an [...]