Representative of The 12th RIFF on the Way to Iran’s Provinces

Six groups of representatives of the 12th RIFF are deployed to different provinces and cities of Iran to assess the hosting potentiality of the cities. The groups, each consisting of three representatives will visit Ardebil, Eastern Azerbaijan, Western Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Ilam, Khou [...]

Introduction of the Scriptwriting Jury Members of The RIFF ‘Source of Light’ section

The RIFF nominated the Jury for selecting the best artworks for the scriptwriting competition of Source of Light Section of the 13th Resistance International Film Festival (RIFF).The Jury members are: Mehdi Sajjadeh Chi, Ali Akbar Ghazi Nezam and Seyyed Farhad Hoseini.Ali Akbar Ghazi Nezam, born i [...]

Final List of Movies in Takfiri Section of the 13th RIFF Announced

The 9 movies are:'Um Qiath' directed by 'Majid Zolfeghari''Supporters of Nabl and Alzahra' directed by 'Taha Foroutan''Malekiyeh' directed by 'Mohammad Bagher Shahin''Crowded shadows of town' directed by 'Mohsen Souhani''Documentary of Khalid and Mojtaba' directed by 'Rohollah Rafiei'‘Yarmouk, an [...]

4 Movies in International Section of the 13th RIFF

  The four movies are:‘Crack 143’ directed by Narges Abyar‘CH’ directed by Ebrahim Hatami Kia‘Very Lonesome’ directed by Ehsan Abdipour‘Abu Zeinab’ directed by Ali Ghaffari

Juries of ‘Persian Cinema’ of the 13th RIFF were Appointed

  The Public Relations Department of the 13th RIFF announced their names:Mohammad Reza Sharafeddin, Mohammad Hosein Haghighi, Parviz SheikhTadi, Yadollah Samadi, Seyyed Naser Hashemzadeh, Mohammad Bozorgnia and Behrooz Esbati

Another 130 Filmmakers Signed Petition Letter to Ban Ki Moon (Total Reached 380)

  A number of Iranian Filmmakers and Artists have signed a petition to the UN Secretary General in opposing the violent actions in Gaza and Iraq.The Public Relations Department of the 13th Resistance International Film Festival (RIFF) further added that the opposition trend continues and artis [...]

Registration of The Volunteers in Script Writing and Field Special Effects Virtual Workshops

  The Provincial Affairs Department of the 13th Resistance International Film Festival (RIFF) started to register a number of interested people in various cities and provinces in ‘Scriptwriting and Field Special Effects Virtual Workshops’ to enrich the concepts of this cinematic event. Head o [...]

RIFF is More Impressive than Fajr Film Festival

Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naghdi who was talking about the Resistance International Film Festival (RIFF), described it as one of the most important film festivals in Iran, aiming at being more impressive than Fajr Film Festival.“Iranian Professors’ Basij are going to participate at the 13th [...]

RIFF Announces The List of 'Documentary' Movies for Competition

  The Public Relations Department of the 13th Resistance International Film Festival (RIFF) announced the list of 48 movies which are going to compete in the Competition section of this venue.‘When they came’ Directed by: Zohreh Yazadan Panah Gareh Tappeh‘Look at the board back’ Directed by: M [...]