Khazaei:I had no Answer to Respond to Shrine Defender's Martyr / Shahab Hosseini: The role of Shahid (martyr) Babai gave me life / I dedicate my award to his children.

  Resistance Film Festival opening ceremony was held: Khazaei: I had no answer to respond to shrine defender's martyr / Shahab Hosseini: The role of Shahid (martyr) Babai gave me life / I dedicate my award to his children. Resistancefest: According to the Resistance International Film Festiv [...]

Seventy three Resistance International Film Festival Guests Come from Different Countries

Resistance International Film Festival PR announcement this piece of news and said: Guests from Lebanon, Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Britain, Spain, America, Iraq, Austria, Syria, Afghanistan, France, Turkey, South Korea, Palestine, Australia, Egypt, Spain etc enter Iran today. These guests t [...]

Seyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi, The Resistance figure of The Year 2016

  Seyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi, the resistance figure of the year 2016 Resistancefest: While holding the Fourteenth International Resistance Film Festival, the Policy Making Council of this cinematic event introduces the resistance figure of the year 2016 for making a pattern and a symbolic [...]

Friday Evening SEP 23 in the Andisheh Hall of The Art Forum

  The beginning of the revolution and resistance cinematic year / Dr. Rezaei and Ali Asgari's lectures Resistancefest: Fourteenth Resistance International Film Festival opening ceremony will be held as the largest gathering of artists and filmmakers of the resistance axis on Friday at t p i [...]

In The Fourteenth RIFF Press Conference

  The strong presence of artists from around the world in the fourteenth resistance film festival Some 1717 works from 104 countries applied to the festival resistanceWorkshops held for 30 foreign filmmakersThe fourteenth resistance international film festival press conference was held [...]

Resistance Film Festival Honors Mai Masri and Jean Chamoun

Resistance Festival Honors Mai Masri and Jean ChamounThe 12th Resistance International Film Festival has dedicated a Special Tribute to the Palestinian documentary filmmaker, Ms Mai Masri and Lebanese documentary director, Mr. Jean Khalil Chamoun. The festival will screen 6 documentaries of this c [...]

Muslims Interact in "Resistance Cinema" against Takfiri Terrorist Groups

Muslims interact in "Resistance Cinema" against Takfiri terrorist groups Resistancefest: The former director of the national TV channel 1 believes interaction among the nations of the Islamic world of cinema activists based on resistance in events such as Resistance Film Festival is the key to su [...]

American Media Critic and Activist speaks in RIFF

  Cinema-moqavemat: The American media critic and activist David Barsamyan makes a speech at the 14th International Resistance Film Festival centered on the issue of Islamophobia in the West. Announcing this, the International Resistance Film Festival Public Relations also said: In ord [...]

Asian African and Latin American Revolutionary Filmmakers Gather in Resistance Festival

  Resistancefest: The most important points that make resistance festival unique and privileged as compared to other domestic and international festivals are the perspective and strategic outlook this movement follows so that it has gained an identity beyond a mere conventional festival and in [...]