Resistance Film Festival Censures Inhumane Ahvaz Crime

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The International Film Festival’s public relations department, following the inhumane action of Daesh or ISIS, supported by the world supremacists and puppet regimes in the region issued a statement in which it condemned the barbaric and inhumane actions perpetrated by the terrorist groups and payed its condolences to the great Iranian nation particularly the people of Ahvaz South of Iran and the sacrificing army of the Islamic Republic. 

The statement is as follows:

The news to the painful martyrdom of some of our civilians in the city of martyrdom and resistance, Ahvaz, has broken our hearts.  During the inauguration of the week of Holy Defense in Iran and simultaneously coinciding with the month of Muharram, which marks the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's invasion of Iran in the 1980s, terrorist gunmen opened fire on our people and army from behind during a parade, in which even a four-year-old child was martyred by their bullets.

We express our regret to the loss of the soldiers, who had been displaying what true resistance means in the city where destroyed palm trees witness to their courage and bravery during the Iran-Iraq war. These are the warriors of the eight years of holy defense, during which they protected Iran against occupation. They had never retreated or withdrew or waned from defending the land giving their lives as sacrifice to protect its sacred territories.

The headquarters of the 15th International film festival condemns such violent and aggressive acts, and censures such tragic acts of cruelty and hatred. It also expresses its sympathy with the great people of Iran and delivers condolences to the families of the martyrs for the tragic loss.  

We pray for the souls of the martyrs who ascended to heavens during the days of the Ashura mourning of Imam Hussein and his companions to rest in peace and we ask Allah to elevate their rank in the hereafter.