Importance of International Resistance Film Festival in the Social Orientation of Modern Society

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Resistance means an attempt to struggle against an invasion of a hostile force or enemy. Such resistance holds within its folds a defensive meaning and concept, however, sometimes this word in a strategic context or according to strategy dictionaries can be defined as the best form of attack.  Nevertheless, the deeper meaning of the word is what really matters; which refers to nobility and grace opposite to any sort of aggression, attack or the like. There are synonyms to the word resistance such as steadfast and strength of honor, which are ideas and values contrary to onslaught, violence and barbarism. Hence, a nation that is acquainted with the meaning of resistance will never be among aggressive nations.

Today, Iran does not see resistance only as standing in face of transverse attacks; especially since the concepts of attack and assault have acquired new meanings in the context of colonialization and exploitation of economic, humane, and idealistic thought.

Nowadays, the definition of this term in the dictionaries of strategic studies is complicated. It has become one of the biggest manmade exploit, by that becoming the most destructive weapon of western civilization and the Anglo-Saxons who have with their bullets and bloodshed crossed the limits and abused humanity. They do not only assault or attack the land of a nation but also its people.

In this third millennium we live in, and despite all the modernity and development, it seems that infanticide, bloodshed, wars and killing committed is just as the same amount as it was during ancient times if not more.

With this definition of the term resistance and what it holds of cultural and social connotations today, we ask what should the duty of a people who has always been (and still is) under attack and assault be, and what should these people do in face of cultural war?

Iran’s culture is a culture of resistance, and the nature of our resistance is a cultural one. The Iranian nation this year sees light to its 40th anniversary to the victory of the Islamic revolution, which was nothing but a cultural uprising which has its roots in Iranian and Islamic resistance. Such is the fruit of the Islamic Revolution of Iran which has given us nothing but perseverance and has taught us the culture of resistance. If it were not for this revolution we would not have been able to preserve such culture of resistance.

Iran is one of the countries with extremely rich natural resources such as oil, gas, minerals and other. However, we cannot forget the fact that 72 states have declared war against Iran for choosing to be independent and unique. The first thing to be harmed in any war is the market, the economy, currency value and last but not least culture which can be destroyed through a soft war of propaganda and fabrications.

Arts and cinema is a main pillar of Iran’s culture, and film production has been one of the most important remedies to any cultural invasion or attack.

Cinema, which has a clear and effective impact on the people, has gained new dimensions and meaning after the Islamic Revolution in Iran and is not just a tool of entertainment. It has become more active and has become in its wider sense a resistance cinema, which nurtures the souls of the Iranian people and aims at his spiritual transcendence. However, the enemies have been targeting every aspect of life in Iran, with a major focus on the Iranian people’s mindset and lifestyle. The historic accomplishment of the Islamic Revolution took place forty years ago, and today, this 15th International Resistance Film Festival is an extension to such efforts and is in fact an important form of steadfastness that has also contributed to the current status of the cinema in the Islamic Republic.