US Filmmaker: I Believe in the Power of Cinema to Produce Social Change

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The American filmmaker and professor, John Gianvito has said he believes in the power of Cinema to produce social change. Gianvito made the comment at the 15th edition of the Resistance International Film Festival in Tehran.

Iran PressIran: John Gianvito from Boston, Massachusetts, who served on the jury of the international documentary competition in the Resistance Film Festival, emphasized that the Power of cinema can produce big social changes, Iran Press News Agency reported.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Iran Press, Gianvito also said: "As a filmmaker myself, I have a strong interest in the works of resistance, and in the power of cinema to produce social change, and I think the selection of films here are very strong, and I am very proud to be able to  see these works, let alone having a voice in  helping to promote films in the competition".

The 15th International Resistance Film Festival began its work on Monday 26 November in Tehran. Filmmakers from many different countries are presenting their works in this international film festival and competition.