The Price of Resistance is Being Convicted: American Media Have Distorted The Picture of Iranian Resistance

David Barsamyan 23be8

According to the fourteenth Resistance International Film Festival reports, the meeting for analyzing the cultural discourse of the Islamic Revolution and strategic perspective was held on Tuesday Sep 27th with a speech by David Barsamyan an American expert political analyst and Nader Taleb Zadeh from America.

At the beginning of the meeting Barsamyan made reference to a definition of resistance and provided examples to say: I consider resistance to be what I have seen, such as in India, which claims to be the world's largest democracy. but its officials have occupied Kashmir. Right now there is an Intifada resistance against the Indian army in Kashmir and many have been killed, wounded and blinded in the process. The conflict has started in 1947 and has made it so Kashmir hosts the highest density of 700 thousand military occupying troops.

He added that the military is regularly controlling Kashmiri people's daily life and the media hides this in America. I have travelled to Kashmir many times and made reports from the region. As a result of this effort I do not have permission to go to this region and it is very upsetting because I have a lot of friends and acquaintances India.

The political analyst said that the task of independent media is going to a place they don't want it to go an also continued: Now India has made it to sell a favorable picture of itself to America. In America they say India is the land of Buddha, Gandhi and the people of India are steadily in meditation. This picture hides the reality however. For example, in South India there is much resistance against the Indian government but the media does not talk about it in America. Even if coverage takes place, governments will be presented as terrorists.

He pointed to the selected use of the word terrorism to describe some states of resistance and opposition currents by US media and said: We must pay attention this title is attributed to individuals and the governments that oppose America. For this expression to be valid it should be attributed according to justice. However, the media in America severely distort reality about Israel and Palestine. Israel is displayed as an innocent state under a big threat from a major power called Palestine and it is very hard to find one's way through these slogans to find a way to the truth. As Hitler said: If you repeatedly lie, people will believe the story and in America the narration is strictly controlled. The suffering of the Israeli people is magnified and that of the Palestinians is shown as minimal.

Referring to independent media's task this radio producer also said: The task of my program from the perspective of an independent media is to pass information to the people of America to eliminates the usual narrative and work against the flow.