Friday Evening SEP 23 in the Andisheh Hall of The Art Forum

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The beginning of the revolution and resistance cinematic year / Dr. Rezaei and Ali Asgari's lectures

Resistancefest: Fourteenth Resistance International Film Festival opening ceremony will be held as the largest gathering of artists and filmmakers of the resistance axis on Friday at t p in the in the Andisheh Hall of the Art Forum.

According to the Resistance International Film Festival Public Relations this ceremony will be held as attended by families of martyrs, especially the martyrs of defending Syrian holy shrines and domestic filmmakers and artists while holding programs including lectures, celebration, commemorations and announcing the winners of the festival six awards.

Based on this news, Expediency Council Secretary Dr. Mohsen Rezaes' lecture, the head of IRIB Dr. Abdul Ali Askari's lecture, presenting the awards the six best works of the festival sections including short films, cinema videos, television series, animated movies, video clips, Golden Pen and promotional items , celebrating and commemorating five cinema figures, Azizullah Hamid Nezhad, Nader Talebzadeh, Mohammadreza Shafaruddin, Jafar Dehghan and Asghar bakhtiari, and commemoration of late artists: Farajollah Salahshoor, Farid Kashanfallah and martyrs Dr. Roknabadi and Sayyah Taheri etc. are the programs of this cinema and cultural event opening ceremony.

Resistance International Film Festival Public Relations said the Iranian singer Alireza Eftekhari will sing the holt shrine defenders in celebration of the revered holy shrine defender martyrs.

It is noteworthy that Resistance International Film Festival competition programs will continue with more than 400 works from 32 countries as attended by domestic and foreign artists and filmmakers since Sat Sep 24th officially in Mellat cinema halls and Palestine cinema and will go on for eight days until Sep 30.

The Resistance International Film Festival will be held with the slogan of "Cultural Discourse Of Islamic Revolution Epiphany" by the Rewayat Cultural Foundation and the Revolution and Sacred Defense Cinema Association 23-30 Sep 2016.