Khazaei:I had no Answer to Respond to Shrine Defender's Martyr / Shahab Hosseini: The role of Shahid (martyr) Babai gave me life / I dedicate my award to his children.

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Resistance Film Festival opening ceremony was held:

Khazaei: I had no answer to respond to shrine defender's martyr / Shahab Hosseini: The role of Shahid (martyr) Babai gave me life / I dedicate my award to his children.

Resistancefest: According to the Resistance International Film Festival's Public Relations, the festival's opening ceremony was held as attended by art and cinema activists in Andisheh Hall of the Art Forum.

According to the report, this opening started with a video clip showing images of warriors starting the new year signifying the beginning of the revolution and resistance cinema year and then Alireza Eftekhari sang a song on the theme of resistance.

Khazaei: I had no answer for the martyr's shrine defender

Later on in the meeting, Mohammad Khazaei said that in the past few days a very touching photo had spread in cyberspace and added: It was the picture of Narges Khanzadeh a shrine defender martyr's daughter who is this picture is holding on to her father's gravestones the first day she wanted to start school.

He added that I called martyr's family and asked his wife to come to the festival opening ceremony if she could but apologized because of the long distances because she they could not be present at the program. Finally I also talked to Narges and told her we were filmmakers. She asked if we also made movies about her father I had no answer to give her because we make a lot of promises but we have not put them into practice.

The Festival Director said our cinematic circle has the perfume of the souls of the martyrs of the Islamic Revolution, the holy defense, the universal resistance of the Islamic world and the defenders of Sharia and prophet's family and may be different from some splendid domestic and international cinematic circles but resistance cinema is the very place for those whose heart has been burnt and our carpet has become red of the blood of free men and women, who fought against darkness, oppression, injustice and deviation, unlocked the cage of their bodies with strength and flew to the kingdom of god.

He also added: Our circle is devoid of usual splendid details of the world of cinema but the pleasing aroma of artists contaminated in the soil of exotic trenches, among all the worldly and superficial noises of the world, is full of sincerity, honesty and spirituality and the filmmakers in this fourteenth international resistance film festival resistance in the form of Iranian and international cinema and twenty-three others sections, work with 293 prominent Iranian works and 61 works from 29 countries in the presence of 400 domestic and 74 international artists showing the works in shrine defender martyrs in 3000 halls in universities, religious seminaries and research workshops for domestic and foreign students as attended by famous Iranian cinema artists from tomorrow for a week. And thus the tent lovers of blood, epic and martyrdom has been erected to fight against global domination in a way that manifests the greater jihad, as says our beloved leader, among the superficial and marginal noises of the world of cinema.

Khazaei stated that in the resistance cinema caravan and its festival, there is no winners or loser as promoted in the common sense of sometimes unhealthy competition and also said: This festival is a place for artists who pay allegiance and are committed to the divine nature of man and have done this responsibility according to their possibilities and skills. This fourteenth international film festival, in the sensitive terms of resistance and the transparent confrontation of the world of Islam with global arrogance on the one hand and on the other relentless confrontation with self proclaimed Muslim takfiri groups and cruel injustice dominating the world stage, will work through the dominating art of cinematic narration and as supported by its valuable filmmakers, to shine like a gem on the ring of Iranian capable cinema. The sparkles of that shine, may if god wants work like a lamp among all committed artists of the world.

Khazaee also said: Dear brothers and sisters, want it or not, we have a big historical task on our shoulders and we mustn't let the routine prevent us from doing this task. Ashura and the confrontation of good and evil has not been forgotten in the labyrinth of history but as Shahid AVini says history keeps the memory of Hussein's call of help, and now we are the heirs of those in whose name we named our streets, so that whenever we give our address to someone we understand how get home safely and whose blood has provided us with this safety.

Later in this ceremony, separate clips were played and gifts were presented to the families of martyrs Ghazanfar Rokn Abadi, Said Sayyah Taheri, late Farid Kashan Fallah, late Faraj Allah Salahshoor etc.

Doctor Mohsen Rezae: We kiss the hand of artists who resist in the front with the lack of resources we have.

In the opening ceremony of the resistance festival, the Expediency Council secretary Dr. Mohsen Rezai said: Life is the birthplace of Adam and Satan, we are re- created when we come to the world. Satan tries with all his tools to prevent us from being human.

He also said: Man is like a seed in the world that bloom to flourish and Satan tries to prevent this flourishing. man is made in the middle of the struggle and takes human form in resistance.

Rezaei said: Today when we look at the world scene, we see the struggle was at its peak. The campaign has been designed years ago against the Islamic world and today many Islamic countries are affected. Long ago the fight began in Palestine, but now the struggle between man and devil has also affected Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon; it is strange to see that even Mecca and Mina have become like Palestine.

Explaining that the media claiming human rights are actually violating the rights of millions of people and use a variety of speakers to blur this resistance, Rezai also said: Resistance is not just a battle in the front, resistance also needs love and pen. Resistance needs a movement cleans public opinion of uncertainty. No tool will be influential as much as art.

Stating that making the Islamic world and Islamic civilization unsafe is a project to prevent Islamic countries from making progress, he said: Islam can progress with its branches in non-Islamic countries and these branches should be cut in ruder to stop the progress of Islam. Thus began the war against all Muslim countries. But they know that America has no courage to attack Iran has with all the strength they have.

Rezaei also said: I kiss the hands and arms of all the artists who were not affected by the commotion. I kiss the hands of who resist, with all the lack of strength we have, and defend their freedom. History will remember this resistance.

Later on in this program, the chosen promo items were also presented as follows.

Photo section: the jury prize, the festival statute, honorary diploma and cash award was given to Mohammad Mehdi Delkhasteh for the collection of Mazar-e Sharif movie photos.

Poster section: the jury prize, the festival statute, honorary diploma and cash award was given to Ali Baghei odor designing the Track 143 posters.

After introducing the winners of the promo items, after his appreciation Azizullah Hamidnezhad said: We are not forced to make weak films for martyrs because of our budget limitations. I dedicate my award to the family of the martyr Hassan Abshenasan.

In the video clips section, the winners were announced as follows.

First prize: the jury prize, the festival statute and cash award was given to Mohammed Hussein Mahdavian for Waiting, and from the blood of our youth

Second prize: honorary diploma and cash award was given to Mahdiar Oghabi for Arghavan

Third prize: honorary diploma and cash award was given to Hussain and Mohammad Bushehr for Labbaik and This land has Ammar.

After the video clip section, a clip was displayed in the honor of and a gift was given to Nader Talebzade for honoring him.

In the animated movie section the winners were announced as follows.

The festival statute, the honorary diploma and cash award of the best cinema animated movie was given to the Holy list by Mohammed Hamadani

The festival statute, the honorary diploma and cash award of the short animated movie was given to Entracte directed by Seyed Mohammad Reza Kheradmandan.

The honorary diploma and cash award for animated movies was given to World War III directed by Abdul Amir Sabi'i

The special jury prize was given to the animated movie Street 204 directed by Mohammad Amin Emami about the subject of Mena

The honorary diploma of the jury was given to the animated movie Border Guards directed by Hossein Saffar Zadegan

After appreciating the chosen works, Asghar Bakhtiari animated was commemorated by displaying a movie and a gifts he was given.

The wife of martyr Eghbali who had come on the stage defined the details of his husband's martyrdom and said: I'm proud of being the wife of such a man. The audience rose to honor the martyr's wife.

In the Golden Pen section winners were introduced as follows.

The film script section:

The festival statute, the honorary diploma and cash award was given to Fahimeh Soleimani for the script of the movie Karo.

After receiving the award she dedicated it to the missing martyrs of the operation Beit ol Moghaddas2.

Summary of the short film:

The festival statute, the honorary diploma and cash award was given to Seyed Hamid Taheri for the short script of the screenplay Mother Gilan.

In commemoration, Mohammadreza Sharafuddin was commemorated. After receiving his award he said: I am proud that the warriors' boots dust is on my shoulders. I also think of all the martyrs of the revolution and of the war, and also late Rasoul Mollagholipour, Saifullah dad and Mohammad Reza Elami.

In the next segment, Alireza Eftekhari sang a song for the second time.

* Ali Asgari: The holy defense is a great treasure

Later on in the resistance film festival opening ceremony Ali Askari, the head of IRIB made a speech and said: The holy defense is a great and unending treasure. The holy defense is an exceptional and unparalleled phenomenon, and the Iranian nation's great historic event.

He also continued: Human nature is intertwined with the issue of resistance and justice and we hope for the festival to present good works in this field mad communicate with a global audience. Movies can communicated very well with human nature.

Later on Ali Asgari said: The war was imposed on us, but it had very valuable fruits, the Islamic Republic has security and power today which are all blessings of war and defense. Today we have a cultural high-volume battle and more than 200 Persian-language television networks are targeting our culture and lifestyle. They mean to change and destroy out cultural national lifestyle. Resistance is fierce today and it must be managed with the participation of artists in this field.

Jafer Dehghan: Don't let the holy defense flag fall

In another part Jafer Dehghan participated in his commemoration, came on the stage and said: I am glad I took my reward from the hands of these masters like the son of martyr Abbasi and Professor Nasirian. We have numerous myths in the holy defense and hopefully we don't allow the sacred defend cinema flag to fall. After the war the Sacred Defense cinema work went dim.

Winners of the video cinema section were announced as such:

Best Screenplay: the festival statute, the honorary diploma and cash award was given to Kheirollah Taghianipoor

Best director: the festival statute, the honorary diploma and cash award was given to Dariush Azbani for the movie The men of sunlight

The honorary diploma for the best director was given for the film Tunnel to Kheirollah Taghianipour and Ahmad Bahrami

Best movie: the festival statute, the honorary diploma and cash award was given to Mehdi Torbatifard for the movie Circuit 10 degrees

The winners of the TV series section were chosen as follows:

The festival statute, the honorary diploma and cash award for the best screenplay was given to Hadi Moghaddamdoost and Hamid Nematollah (the White Situations)

The festival statute, the honorary diploma and cash award of the best director was given to Masoud Jafari Jozani (In the wind's eye)

The festival statute, the honorary diploma and cash award for the best series was given to Masoud Jafari Jozani and Abbas Akbari (In the wind's eye)

The honorary diploma and cash award for the best series was given to Mohammad Reza Shafiee for the series the White Situation

The honorary diploma and cash award of the Late Farajollah Salahshoors's award for the best series on the subject of the Islamic Revolution was given to Jalil Saman for the series Parvanah (Butterfly)

The honorary diploma and cash award of the of the special prize for the best actor was given to Shahab Hosseini (The joy of flight)

The honorary diploma and cash award of the of the special prize for the best actress was given to Azita Hajian (Alchemy)

After receiving his prize Shahab Hosseini read a verse from the Quran about the martyrs taking their daily bread from god and said: I am glad to have played the role of martyr Babai in my life. This role gave me life and I liked to receive this prize from the hands of martyr Babai, but now I return this award to its original position, to the courageous children of martyr Babai.

Also after receiving his award Jafari Jozani said: I hope this resistance, the honor our men registered in the war will be used to create jobs for our unemployed educated youth.

The ceremony was held as attended by the secretary of the Expediency Council Dr. Mohsen Rezae, Dr. Ali Asgari Redis the head of the IRIB, general Mohammad Reza Naghdi The head of The Organization for Mobilization of the Oppressed, General Javad Jabbari the Rewayat Cultural Foundation Director, Abdullah Bakideh, Ali Roointan, Nader Talebzade, Reza tower, Ahmed Miralai, Mohammad Reza Rahmani, Bahram Azimi, Mahmoud Gabarloo, Hashim Mirzakhani, Hussein Khorshidi, Mohsen Momeni Sharif, Abbas Akbari, Seyed Nasser Hashem Zadeh, Golali Babaei, Seyed Rahim Hosseini, Jaber Qasemali, Yadollah Samadi, Shahab Hosseini, Ali Foroughi , Javad Shamaqdari, Ali Nasirian, Masoud Jafari Jozani, Ali Ghaffari, Majid Reza Bala, Mohammad Reza Arab, Jafar Dehghan, Medi Foyoozi, Jahangir Almasi, Hamid Bahmani, Habibollah Bahmani, Dr. Mohammad Azizi, Hamid Nematollah, Hadi Moghaddamdoost, Taghi Nemati, Seyed farhad Hosseini, Hossein Torabi, Mohammad Sharaf Sharafuddin, Habibullah Kasesaz, Siamak Atlasi, Shafi Aghamohammadian, Jalil Farjad, Mohammad Reza Abbasiian, Mehdi Jafari, Moharram Zeynalzadeh, Javad Afshar Mohammad Reza Shafiee, Javad Norooz beigi, Morteza Razzaq Karimi, Seyed Hadi Monabbati, Dr. Seyed Mujtaba Alavi, Abbas Akbari, Mohsen Ali-Akbari, Siavash Haghighi, Hussain Khorshidi, Saleem Ghafuri etc. and the families of some shrine defense martyrs and the family of martyr Eghbali, the whole family of cinema and members of the house of cinema, Another feature of the ceremony was the extensive presence of local and foreign media, live broadcast of the events on all media, Farhang radio networks, constant communication with channel 2 and News channel, broadcast on eight o'clock news on channel four etc. The ceremony was anchored by Amir Hossein Modarres.