Resistance Iranian film festival reviews the Western imagery of Iran

Shahab Esfandiari cdc17

According to Resistance Iranian Film Festival Public Relations reports, a meeting for reviewing and analyzing the movie Rosewater about the 2009 post election riots was held on Monay Sep 26th in pardis Mellat Hall #3. Professor and researcher Dr. Shahab Esfandiari, started wiuth explaining the attitude of Rosewater and said: Talking about the film Rosewater is not easy and screening counter-revolutionary, Islamophobic and Iranophobic filmsin the Resistance Film Festival helps expand knowledge and analysis and clarifies the portrayal of Iran in foreign countries.

He also said: I believe this movie has not cinematic value, it has been made by the budget of some Princes of Jordan, and has faced defeat in sales.

The professor used the attribute "native informant" for the main character of the movie Maziar Bahari and continued: Although in Rosewater, this character laughs at the attribute of spy in his journalism and considers it ridiculous, but in reality we see that he plays this role. Cultural items available at his house ate all western and this shows they are culturally imprisoned by the west. They For example, what does it mean to have the book Tintin in the Congo in your bookcase which is one of the most controversial books in the world due to its racist nature and its sale has been banned in many countries, what does it have to do with the movie? I think the character of Bahari is depicted in the film as similar to the Tintin in this book.

Referring to criticism of the film by some anti-revolutionary people he said: Even some anti- revolutionary Iranian people abroad have been critical to this film. Because this movie is to deny the Iranian agency and falsely depicts a nation involved in destruction and any concept must be imposed onto them from outside.

Esfandiari also analyzed other sequence analysis of this film and explained: The film's images come from the Western media reports during the 2009 post election riots, when nothing was yet clear about if people's vote had been stolen and of some had cheated in the elections. Because if there has been fraud in the election, why should Mr. Bahari be in Iran as a Newsweek. It may look funny if we consider all newspapers representatives in Iran as spies. I'm not going to ignore all that happened in 2009 crisis and our errors in media and police management, but what just happened is an experiences and a lesson for us.