Meeting the Festival Director

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As reported by the International Resistance Film Festival Public Relations, in the meeting various issues were addressed including the possibility of holding resistance film weeks in the Muslim country of Senegal, and Dr. Alhaj Musa Fal the first deputy ambassador welcomed this cultural programs idea and urged further cultural relations between the two countries especially in the field of resistance cinema and Islamic issues in the field of cinema.

Dr. Musa Fal pointed out that movie theaters in Senegal are rather private and play Western and Hollywood films, and asked more partnership with Iran and the Resistance Film Festival to use the capacity of people spectatorship in Senegal to play movies on Islamic themes and unity among Muslims in theaters of this country. Another issue raised in the meeting by the festival director was producing feature films and also short films by filmmakers in Senegal by Muslim committed filmmakers on Islamic concepts and Islamic resistance. Due to the absence of Senegal among countries that have sent works to the festival the first deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Senegal Dr. Moussa Fal made this promise to work with enthusiasm to produce works with a focus on Islam and resistance in his country so that during the fifteenth resistance film festival they will be one of the countries that send works.

Moses Dr. quoted the president of this country and saying the language of today's diplomacy is culture and art and said: Today the international community, especially the Muslim world can communicate their diplomacy through the language of art and the language of and cultural activities and get close to each other. In this regard, the Republic of Senegal is fully prepared to participate in cultural cooperation with Iran in various fields to augment the language of culture and cultural diplomacy between the two nations of Senegal and Iran.

By the end of the meeting the Deputy Ambassador of Senegal, along with an accompanying delegation from their embassy in Iran, visited the Chehelcheragh photo exhibition held in the Mellat gallery campus and recognized the culture of Ashura in different parts of the country.