Our movies must not merely show Nostalgia of Sacred Defense

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“Some of the movies in this category are so realistic and conceptual which are the vivid reflection of Islamic Revolution Discourse, and some had shown post-war issues and events”, former Parliament Member of Iran Majlis noted.

Afrough who was talking to Public Relations department of 13th IFFR added: “it is better to assume the war in our 8 years sacred defense as a system and describe its pre and post events. Our defense was not only tanks and artilleries. The war had some background scenes such as a lady who was helping the war or the family who suffered during the war. Support and betrayals during our imposed war with Iraq could be shown in movies”.

“Let’s review what has happened after the Sacred Defense. Some of our soldiers paralyzed, some were captured as prisoners of war and some lost their lives. We can examine and show the soldiers and their family`s demands after war and how Iranian governments reacted to them. Are they being considered by officials or merely ignored?!” Dr. Afrough stressed.

Afrough named Ebrahim Hatami Kia as one of the perfect filmmakers of sacred defense movies who perfectly shows pain of war and Sacred Defense and his movies display the difficulties of war during the holy defense and afterwards faultlessly.

Emad Afrough believes that movies in this genre must not only show the nostalgia of the sacred defense. “We have to see what has happened after the war. Our Sacred Defense was an Ideological-Theoretical System related to the basis of Revolution Essence. Unfortunately, some people define war as the origin and source of the values. While the eight-year war and our sacred defense was the manifestation of values. Filmmakers who don`t look at IFFR and Sacred Defense temporarily are successful in their actions. A fairy look to war is just a special epic view with specific definition which is not correct. It is better to tell the pain of war during and after the sacred defense”, Afrough expressed.

“we can describe this by showing the oppressed people of Gaza. We should show their pains, injuries and sufferings in our movies, shouldn’t we? Imitating Hollywood movies and showing our soldiers as heros while ignoring their true courage along with their oppression is not befitting our war. Therefore, we have to consider our goal in holding International Film Festival of Resistance. A festival must have a message. It is not a good idea to just create a ground to show some movies. A Festival must have a systematic and critical view” former MP member noted.

“A festival must have a realistic message and present a conceptual message pertinent to the Discourse of Islamic Revolution which is a system of Ontology, axiology, anthropology and semiology” Dr. Afrough concluded.