Resistance Film Festival Honors Mai Masri and Jean Chamoun

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Resistance Festival Honors Mai Masri and Jean Chamoun
The 12th Resistance International Film Festival has dedicated a Special Tribute to the Palestinian documentary filmmaker, Ms Mai Masri and Lebanese documentary director, Mr. Jean Khalil Chamoun. The festival will screen 6 documentaries of this couple whose films have already collected more than 60 international awards and been screened in more than 100 TV channels. The films in their tribute include the following titles:

1) 33 Days, Mai Masri, Lebanon/Qatar, 2007, 70 Minutes
2) Children of Shatila, Mai Masri, Lebanon/Palestine, 1998
3) Suspended Dreams, Mai Masri & Jean Chamoun, Lebanon/Palestine, 1992, 48 Minutes
4) Children of Fire, Mai Masri, Lebanon/Palestine, 1990, 50 Minutes
5) Frontiers of Dreams And Fears, Mai Masri, 2001, Palestine, 56 Minutes
6) Longing of Laurel, Jean Chamoun, Lebanon/Qatar, 2009, 52 Minutes