The 11th RIFF

Runtime: September 20th – September 24th, 2010

Secretary of the Festival: Mohammad Khazaei

Place: Tehran (Palestine, New Age, Azadi, Tamasha Cinema)

To be held in: Iran (Boushehr, Semnan, Fars, North Khorasan Province, Khouzestan, Kerman, Kermanshah and Golestan), Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Syria, Finland, North Korea and Lebanon at the same time.

The Jury members:

Feature Films: Mohammad Hossein Haghighi, Aziz-allah Hamid Nejad, Abolhassan Davoudi, Mohammad Reza Sharaf-al Din and Ali Nasirian

Video Movies: Davoud Rashidi, Mahdi Sajjade Chi, Saeid Soheili, Ali Shah Hatami and Khosro Ma’soumi

Short Films: Hassan Amjadi Moghadam, Alireza Amini, Mohammad Ali Bashe Ahangar, Ali Zhakan and Bijan Mir Bagheri

Documentaries: Saeid Abu Taleb, Mehrdad Oskouei, Mohammad Hossein Jafarian, Shaha-al Din Adel and Masoud Ferasati

313-seconds Films (New Look): Abolfazl Jalili, Seyyed Rasoul Sadr Ameli, Seyyed Kazem Alavi, Mehdi Faraji and Seyyed Abd-ol Sattar Kakaei

Film scripts: Habib Ahmad Zade, Mahmoud Arbabi, Mahdi Sajjade Chi, Ensieh Shah Hosseini and Reza Maghsoudi

Video scripts: Hossein Torabi, Rahman Seifi Azad and Seyyed Naser Hashem Zade

Short film scripts: Aziz-ollah Haji Mashhadi, Hossein Khorshidi, Shadmehr Rastin, Nasser Refayi and Masoud Sabbah

‘Revolution’ Picturing Genre: Fereydoun Jeyrani, Seyyed Zia-al Din Dari, Seyyed Alireza Sajjad Pour, Habib-ollah Kasesaz and Parvane Masoumi

Advertising Materials: Ibrahim Haghighi, Hossein Zandbaf, Mahmoud Kelari, Mohammad Hossein Niroumand and Ali Nik Raftar

International (Feature Film): Latica Padgunkar, Mohammad Malas, Majid Majidi, Masoud Jafari Jozani and Philip Chia

International (Documentaries): Mohammad Afaride, Elias Bekar, Mohammadreza Eslamloo, Mai Mesri and Morteza Razzagh Karimi

International (Gaza): Reza Borji, Morteza Shabani and John Sham’oun

Selected Films:

Iranian Cinema

The best film: ‘Child of the Soil’ directed by Ahmad Mir Alayi

Nominees: The Night Bus (Mehdi Homayounfar), Awakening of the Dreams (Ali Ashtianopour), Democracy in the Daylight (Mohammad Ali Zam), M Like Mother & the Evening of the 10th Day (Manouchehr Mohammadi), the Child and the Angel (Hassan Kalami), Farewell Baghdad (Mahdi Naderi & the Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC))

The best director: Mohammad Ali Bashe Ahangar for ‘Child of the Soil’ and ‘Awakening of the Dreams’

Nominees: Rasoul Molagholi Pour (M like Mother), Kiyumars Pour Ahmad (The Night Bus)

The best actor: Hamid Farrokh Nejad for ‘The Night of the Event’

Nominees: Amin Hayaei (Awakening of the Dreams), Amir Jafari (the Insider), Khosro Shakibaei (The Night Bus)

The best actress: Pantea Bahram for ‘Farewell Baghdad’ and Hengameh Ghazian for ‘Awakening of the Dreams’

Nominees: Mahtab Nasirpour (Child of the Soil)

The best film script: Mohammad Reza Gohari for writing the film script of ‘Awakening of the Dreams’

Nominees: Kiyumars Pour Ahmad and Habib Ahmad Zade (The Night Bus), Mohammad Reza Gohari and Mohammad Ali Bashe Ahangar (Child of the Soil)

Special Award for the Jury members: Mahdi Naderi for ‘Farewell Baghdad’

The Special Awards for the Jury members went to Hossein Kalami, the producer of ‘The Child and the Angel’, Manouchehr Mohammadi for producing ‘the Evening of the 10th Day’, Javad Sharifi Raad, the special effects director of ‘The Child and the Angel’, Amir Mohammad Zand for acting in ‘The Night Bus’ and Reza Rastegar for the special effects.

Short Films

The best film: ‘We Are on The Way’ directed by Aref Namvar, ‘The Silent City’ (Animated Movie) directed by Amir Hossein Mehran and ‘A Song for Louba’ directed by Toufan Nahan Ghodrati were the 1st to 3rd winners respectively.

Nominees: ‘Life and Nothing’ (Amir Athtar Soheili), ‘the Question to an Answer’ (Kaveh Ghahraman), ‘the Tunnel’ (Behzad Rasoul Zade)


The best film: ‘the Asthma’ directed by Seyyed Rouhollah Hejazi was the first winner, ‘A Day like Yesterday’ directed by Mohsen Gheysari and ‘Resurrection’ directed by Mohammad Ali Farsi were the second and third winners.

Honorary Commendations were awarded to Elham Hossein Zade for ‘the Wall’ and Morteza Paye Shenas for ‘the Other Side of the Wall’.

Nominee: ‘Resurrection’ (Mohammad Ali Farsi)

The New Look

The best film: ‘Deep Blue’ directed by Marjan Ashrafi Zade

And the other awards went to ‘I Breathe’ directed by Mozafar Matin Pour, ‘7+1 Warrior’ directed by Rahbar Ghanbari, ‘A Cup of Milk’ directed by Abbas Hamidian and ‘108 Years of Solitude’ directed by Mohammad Ali Shabani.

Nominees: ‘My Gun is Not Empty’ (Sahar Mosayebi), ‘Kaykavus of the Jungle’ (Kiarash Zandi), ‘the Game’ (Majid Shati), ‘Fireplay’ (Hani Sabbahi), ‘the Hero’ (Mohammad Ali Farsi)

The Special Award for the Jury members: ‘Fire Play’ directed by Hani Sabbahi and ‘the Doubt’ directed by Ali Omidvar.

Video Movies

The best film: ‘Michael’ directed by Jamshid Bahmani

The best director: Rouhollah Hejazi for ‘Feather’

Nominees: Mohammad Javad Kase Saz (Before the Sunset), Mohammad Hossein Haghighi (The Third Person), Jamshid Bahmani (Michael)

The best film script: Jamshid Bahmani for ‘Michael’

Nominees: Mohammad Hossein Haghighi (The Third Person), Ali Taleb Abadi (Feather)

The best actor: Hossein Mahjoub for ‘We Are Still Alive’

Nominees: Amir Mohammad Zand (Before the Sunset), Hamid Ibrahimi (Feather)

The best actress: Donya Pak Daman for ‘Michael’ and Fariba Kosari for ‘Feather’

Nominees: Tannaz Tabatabaei (Benighted)

Golden Pen

The best adapted short film script

The best adapted film script: Maryam Mohammadi for ‘Nanny Hakimeh’ and Monir Mohammadi for ‘Story’

Nominees: Mojtaba Dehghani (Ambassador), Farshad Haji Mohammadi (I, Masoud & Mom)

Short film script

The best film script: Javad Mozd Abadi for ‘Passport to Heaven’

The special award of the Golden Pen: Maryam Mohammadi for ‘The Clean Earth’ film script

The best adapted video movie script

The special award of the Golden Pen: Seyyed Morteza Seyyed Nejad for ‘Meeting over the Green Hill’ film script

Nominees: Bahar Rohani (Abel Again), Pardis Kiani (Alam-daar)

Video movie script

The best movie script: Mahdi Hamzeh for ‘Men of the Sun’

Nominees: Zeinab Arabi (A Moment of Life), Shiva Khosro Mehr (My Tank), Mohammad Ghaffari and Saeed Farhadi (After Years), Hamed Rajabi (In the Cross Hair), Mona Anvari Zade (And Suddenly the Verse…), Majid Asoudegan (Return)

Film script

The best film script: Ismaeil Mihan Doust and Mohammad Bayat for ‘The Sound of Resistance’

The special award of the Golden Pen: Ahmad Moradpour for ‘Penetration’

Nominees: Mojtaba Ghasemi (Scent of the Bitter Almond), Ahmad Rafi’e Zade (Children of One Thousand and One Night), Abbas Moradian (Tally), Majid Farazmand (Anonymous Soldier), Mona Anvari Zade (the Scrawled Diaries of a Girl), Ismaeil Rahim Zade (Philadelphia)

International films

The best film: ‘City of Death and Life’ from China

The best director: Kiyumars Pour Ahmad for ‘The Night Bus’

The best film script: Nakzar Shatadz, Rostam Ibragimbkov and George Ovashoili for writing the ‘the Other Shore’ script from Georgia

Benjamin Gilmore for ‘Son of Lion’ film from Australia and Rashid Masharavi for ‘Leila’s Birthday’ film from Netherlands and England received the other awards of this section.

Gaza Section

The first award: ‘Still Alive Aishin in Gaza’ directed by Nicolas Vadimov from Switzerland

The next awards went to ‘Shooting the Elephant’ directed by Alberto Arse and Mohammad Raja-allah from Palestine and Spain and Gaza, and ‘When it was Saturday’ directed by Rashed Radvin from Spain respectively.

Honorary Commendations were awarded to ‘Tai Brek’ directed by Mahdi Saleki from Sweden and ‘Resistance’ directed by Mohammad Reza Ghahraman.

Documentary Section

The best film: ‘the Seven Years at the Front’ from Netherlands

The best director: Raed Andoni for ‘Heal Me’ from Palestine, France and Switzerland

The special award of the Jury members: Laisla, ‘Archives of a Tragedy’ directed by Olli Setlzter from Germany

Best film script and research award: Mohammad Reza Abbasian for ‘Ghana’

A number of Honorary Commendations were awarded to Iraq, War, Love, ‘God and Insanity’ from Iraq, Palestine, England and Netherlands, ‘Sultans and Extras’ from Palestine and Germany and ’11 Thousand Kilometers Away from New York’ from Tajikistan.

The selected film by the audience in the International Cinema Section: ‘Evening of the 10th Day’

The selected film by the audience in the Iranian Cinema Section: ‘Insider’

30 Years of Islamic Revolution

The best director: Ibrahim Hatami Kia, Rasoul Molla Gholi Pour, Ahmad Reza Darvish and Aziz-ollah Hamid Nejad

The best film script writer: Ibrahim Hatami Kia (the Glass Agency), Reza Maghsoudi (Leily is with Me), Bahram Beizaei (Bashu, the Little Stranger) and Aziz-ollah Hamid Nejad (Hoor on Fire)

The best actor: Parviz Parastouie, Khosro Shakiaei and Reza Kianian

The best film: The Glass Agency, Travel to Chazabeh, Leily is with Me and Hoor on Fire

Advertisement Materials

The best photo: Habib Majdi for ‘the Child and the Angel’

Honorary Commendations were awarded to Mahdi Delkhasteh for ‘A Real Report’ and Alireza Aghili for ‘Child of the Morning’.

The best poster: Heydar Rezaei for ‘Awakening of the Dreams’

Honorary Commendation to Soheil Zahmat Kesh for ‘Elixir and Dust’

The best teaser: Amir Masoud Agha Babaei for ‘the Last Queen of the Earth’

Honorary Commendation to Amir Sheiban Khaghani for ‘the Third Day’


  • The festival has become International from this period and the name has changed into Resistance.
  • In a press conference that was held in the City Theater Conference Hall before the festival, Mohammad Khazaei stated that the international approach and the significance of raising extraterritorial awareness regarding the capabilities and values of the Resistance culture and Revolution and the Sacred Defense in this period is of high importance.
  • The bests of 30 years of the Sacred Defense Cinema, named ‘on the wings of Simurgh’ were selected via a poll among actors, critics, cinema activists, cultural managers and experts in the best film, director, film script, actor and actress section.
  • A number of artists attended a program with a ship named ‘Peace and Friendship among Iranian and Iraqi Children’ in Abadan, simultaneous with the Film Festival.
  • Michaelangelo Cornini (Italian Filmmaker), Ilaria Salonna (Italian Filmmaker), Maria Leonidovna (Indian Filmmaker), Yorg Davatz (Swiss Filmmaker) and Ulrich Stelzner (German Filmmaker) were among the guests of the Festival.
  • Three films of ‘Commander’, ‘Unpleasant Evening’ and ‘South of Border’ from Oliver Stone and six films of ’33 Days’, ‘Children of Fire’, ‘Edge of Dream and Fear’, ‘Shatila’s Children’, ‘Dreaming of  the Glorious Crown’ and ‘Suspended Dreams’ from John Sham’oun and Mai Egyptian were screened in commemoration of International Section.
  • The number of Jury members was increased dramatically up to 102 members regarding the increase of sections.
  • The closing ceremony, directed by Mohammad Heydari and performed by Seyyed Javad Hashemi, was held in Vahdat Hall including 3 live sequences of Gaza theme and ‘From Karkheh to Rhein’ and ‘Glass Agency’ featuring Afsaneh Baygan, Ahoo Kheradmand, Ali Dehkordi and Borzou Arjmand and the live music of Mohammad Isfahani.
  • The 472-pages Festival Catalogue, edited by Masoud Najafi, as the thickest book of a festival, and the bulletin, edited by Mohammad Taghi Fahim, named the 11th Narration, published in 7 numbers along with its pre-publication were released at the same time with the 14th Film Festival of Iran.