Moore Film to Feature at Iran Fest

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BANGALORE: “Where to Invade Next?” a docu-drama by American film maker Michael Moore will be screened in the documentary section of the 14th Resistance Film Festival being held in Iranian capital of Tehran from September 23rd-30th 2016. Moore's new film presents the failures of the US foreign policies.

In this film, he started traveling to different countries alone to discover and learn thoughts and traditions of their people and bring them to the US. His documentary film encompasses traces of Italians’ long holidays in the summer, lunch hours at school in France, German industrial policy, Norwegian prison system and the remarkable presence of women in the Cabinet and commerce system Iceland as the upshot of his travel.

To introduce his documentary Moore said at a news conference in London: "The US has been a foreign aggressor over the past 15 years. Imagine we are to invade somewhere violence-free, to learn from and broaden our experience for our country; this is the content of the film and an explanation for its title."

Considering his hit movies such as "Fahrenheit 9/11" and "Bowling for Columbine", this outspoken American filmmaker, is known for holding a critical stance against the political leaders of the US. At the press conference in London, he answers a question regarding “the Great Britain out of the EU referendum”, as follows: "Why do you want to leave? You have saved the Europe, fought for it in the 1930’s and 1940’s, and made sacrifices, and now you want to leave?" The documentary "Where to Invade Next?" by Michael Moore is to be screened from June 10th in Great Britain and Ireland. The film has been screened in other European countries earlier.

It should be noted that Michael Moore was born on April 23rd, 1954 in Flint, Michigan, the US. He studied journalism at the University of Michigan, where he began his career as an editor. After his graduation, he started documentary filmmaking and programming for the television. His bold and critical language against politicians, specifically the US politicians, is the most prominent feature of his films. He has also written a book named “Where is My Homeland?”, criticizing the US government explicitly harsh.

Michael Moore's recent stance against the US Republican candidate comments regarding Muslims must be noted as his most remarkable feature. He launched his “We Are All Muslims” campaign in response to the statements by Donald Trump.

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